Auto Glass Tips

How to Care For Your Auto Glass

autoAuto glass repair is expensive, and if you want to forego this expense you must pay special attention to your auto glass before it becomes damaged enough to require replacement. Many motorists make the mistake of ignoring the early warning signs and end up paying large sums of money for auto glass repair and replacement. The good news is that if you take proper care of your car, you will not have to worry about incurring huge bills later on. There are certain tips that you should make use of to ensure longevity of your auto glass. Namely:

Do not slam your car’s doors

Slamming a car’s doors creates an impact that sends vibrations all over your car, including to your auto glass. This vibrations can create small dings in your auto glass, or enlarge existing ones. The impact will also damage the seal of the windshield, which will result into a costly expense.

Do not park in direct sunlight

Whenever you can, park your car in a shaded location. Direct sunlight is an enemy of auto glass, as it wears it away by damaging the layers and membranes used to make the glass. After an extended period of exposure to direct sunlight, your car windows will start to show signs of wear and tear. Before you know it, you will be shopping for someone who can offer you auto glass repair on the cheap, something that is not easy to come by.

Avoid ammonia based cleaners

While some cleaning agents are made for glass, they are not so friendly on auto glass. Any cleaning agent that contains ammonia is a no-no for auto glass, as it is sure to damage the tint of your windows besides weakening the glass. It’s better to opt for some warm water and a microfiber towel.

Take care of chips and cracks immediately

While driving, debris will land on your windshield and cause little chips and cracks. The best thing to do if you notice little chips and cracks on your windshield is to take your car to an auto repair shop immediately. Many people make the mistake of ignoring the little cracks and before they know it, they have on their hands a windshield that requires extensive and expensive windshield repair, or even replacement.

Clean your wipers

If debris such as sand and dirt get stuck on your windshield wipers, it will scratch the windshield every time you use the wipers. Do not forget to clean your wipers while you clean the other parts of your car. And always check for any little defects that may appear on the wipers over time, as these will have a direct impact on your windshield.

If you pay keen attention to your windshield and other parts of your car, you will realize that you are able to detect problems early on. In so doing, you will not only protect your car’s durability but also save money that would have been used on costly repairs had the problem remained undetected for a long time.